Nov 27

November 27, 2015


The Science of Self and the Illusion of Heaven Being Up

I know we all grow up believing heaven is up and earth is down. But what if I tell you that the trillions of Suns you see at night and you call stars are not above us in reality? Mm-mm, did I just trigger something? OK, I will explain. You get yourself a cup of coffee, relax and read to the end and please feel free to ask questions because I will be responding to your questions. My mum is…

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Nov 20

November 20, 2015

You Were Never Told This Because They Never Want You To Know!

You Were Never Told This Because They Never Want You To Know!

It has been war, brain tasking, theatrical and practical observations of things around, it has given rise to scientific experiments for ages, made religions and religious explanations and dogmas shine, created whoosh wishes and so on. What is this all about? This quest is as old as man and the universe put together, but is it possible to ever know what they never want us to know? This is the reason for this write-up, to carefully analyse that which they…

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Nov 14

November 14, 2015


Understanding the Heru-Horus Myth

Let me not bore you with our Kemetic story of how the Virgin mother Isis gave birth to Horus (The first and original immaculate conception) and how the Evil set swore to kill every male child he comes across in his quest to kill Horus, the son of his late brother Osiris whom he had killed. Most of you are aware that Set further beheaded Anpu the baptizer for secretly baptizing Horus. We all know 6 thousand years after this…

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Nov 12

November 12, 2015

Causes of Military Intervention and Prevention in Nigeria

Causes of Military Intervention and Prevention in Nigeria

Military interventions in politics are very common both in democratic or totalitarian regimes. Although the involvement of the military in determining who gets what, when, and how is too apparent, the issue has not been studied well enough. Students of politics and public administration, up to now, focused generally on individual cases or with regional perspectives while studying military interventions. Causes of Military Intervention and Prevention in Nigeria Nigeria gained independence from Britain on October 1/1960 and was declared a…

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Nov 10

November 10, 2015


Infinite Intelligence

Yesterday I wrote an article on the “THE ENERGY THAT SUSTAINS US ALL” and I got lots of questions via my inbox. I was asked what happens to Raw or Dead energy and I even read an article where someone said the universe is running out of energy. Well, I do understand why there is a confusion. I think what people have failed to realize is that every single day new planets are being created while old ones explodes. Do…

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