Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Africa

1. Gambia has only one university.2. Equatorial Guinea is Africa’s only Spanish-speaking country.3. South Africa is the most visited African country.4. Nigeria has the richest Black people in Africa.5. Samuel Eto’o was the highest paid Footballer of all time, when he received about £350,000 weekly in Russia in 2011.6. A person from Botswana is called a Motswana, the plural is … [Read more...]


================================Thursday, 12th March, 2015:Food & Nutrition 3(Practical) Planning session ---- 8.30am-9.30amHome Management 3(Practical) Planning session ---- 8.30am-9.30am=================================Monday, 23rd March to 14th April, 2015:Food and Nutrition(Practical) ---- Date and Time will be fixed HomeManagement(Practical) ---- Date and Time will be fixed … [Read more...]

AG Leventis (Nigeria) Calls For Submission Of CV

AG Leventis (Nigeria) Calls For Submission Of CV in the various positions. Chrisstahl Nigeria Ltd 1. Position Senior Sales Manager*Deadline March 2nd Leventis Motors 1. Position Sales Managers*Deadline March 2nd Leventis Motors 1. Position Branch Managers *Deadline March 2ndPlease register your C.V / Resume at recruitment@agleventis.com.Read More here. … [Read more...]

Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment 2015

Pursuant to its mandate to assist the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board (CDFIPB) in conducting a fresh Recruitment Exercise, the Presidential Committee to Assist in the Immigration Recruitment Exercise, hereby invites application from suitably qualified candidates for appointment into the following vacant positions in the Nigeria Immigration … [Read more...]

Exxonmobil 2015 Graduate/experienced Hire Recruitment

Engineering opportunities with ExxonMobil in Nigeria.Degree/Discipline NeededBS/MS/PhD in- Petroleum Engineering - Chemical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Environmental/Safety Engineering - Civil EngineeringTypical Work Locations- Lagos or Eket, Nigeria - Potential assignments in Houston Texas, other worldwide affiliate offices and worldwide construction … [Read more...]

The CIA Once Tried Using Cats As Spies

In the 1960s, the CIA spent 5 years and over $20 million training spy cats.I guess it’s not as strange as it might first seem. Cats are stealthy, smart, fast, can jump tall objects, and most people when they see a cat will pet it, not assume it’s a spy. For these reasons the CIA put a 3/4 inch transmitter in a female grey and white cat.  They then hid a microphone in its ear canal and had the … [Read more...]

In The 1920s, Swimsuit Police Actually Existed

And you thought your one piece was conservative. To highlight just how obsessed lawmakers have historically been with controlling the human body and our treatment of it, in 1922 people known as swimsuit policemen actually existed, and would stroll around beaches making sure that swimsuits were never more than six inches above the knee. Featured above is swimsuit officer Bill Norton, who we … [Read more...]

11 Famous Quotes That Have Changed Over Time

Anyone who’s ever played telephone at camp knows how easy it is for your mind to twist, tweak or completely change what you’ve just heard when you repeat it to someone else. Common throughout history, sometimes when this happens, the adapted quote frequently becomes more popular than the original. Here are just a few examples:Money is the root of all evil.Derived from a line found in one … [Read more...]

15 Awesome Facts about France & French People

From fine cuisine, to modern philosophy, and the French kiss, the French people has impacted humanity around the world. Still, there are things you probably don’t know about the snail eating nation… Here are 15 awesome facts about France and French people that will change the way you think about the franks! 1. France is the most popular country in the world for tourism, with 83 million tourists … [Read more...]

Five Decades of Agricultural Policies in Nigeria: What Roles Has Statistics Played?

One of the major challenges facing mankind is to provide an equitable standard of living adequate food, clean water, safe shelter and energy, a healthy and secured environment, an educated public, and satisfying work- for this and future generations. Of all these necessities, the first and most basic to human life and survival is enduring food security, which majority of the populace of a country … [Read more...]